The Woman Men Adore Review – Does It Work?

This is a book written and designed for women. It teaches people to to maintain and sustain long lasting good relationships. These book and its contents in deed goes a great deal of length to help a married woman or a woman in a committed relationship to strengthen ties with the partner. Women in committed relationships can use this book to help create the ambiance for expected marriage. For the single women, for now, this might seem not to very helpful, however it be very useful in the future.

About Bob Grant

There are loads of relationship books around, it is imperative to review the author behind this program for readers to know and appreciate his authority on the subject. This is a deviation from the norm of review.

Bob Grant is an expert in relationships, his forte is dealing exclusively with issues affecting women and has been in this space for more than a decade. Because of his expertise on relationships over the years, he has rightfully earned the nickname “Relationship Doctor”. He owns Savvy Miss, an online extension of his women counseling practice. Bob is married to Stacy, with whom they have four beautiful children. This goes on to reinforce the fact that Bob is an expert and has the authority to comment on relationship issues. Bob Grant is more than qualified to give advice on matters of the heart as he is a licensed counsellor and therapist. Indeed, he has spent the last several years of his working life offering valuable relationship advice and helping couples and singles discovering their happily ever after. Many refer to him as the relationship doctor.

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What Does the Woman Men Adore Cover?

The Woman Men Adore

The Women Men Adore program entails the minutest details from male mentality to and how to get a man to come out of his shelf, talk about is fears and feelings. You will discover the truth about what men really desire from their women. This program will also teach you how to make a man lower his guard and to literally take “advantage” when he lowers it.

You will get your man to open up and tell you things he would not have ordinarily told you. You will get your man to commit, love and cherish you.

Please note that this is not a book written to manipulate the emotions of men. The intention is to read it and imbibe the content of the book. The whole idea is to get your man to trust in you to open up to you.

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What You Will Learn From the Women Men Adore

There are several lessons you will learn from this book. You will know how to build and sustain your confidence. You will also learn how to make men feel good and feel appreciated, this will be done effortlessly. You will discover that 99% of the seduction process happens all in the mind and not from visual activities.

You will gain insights on how the psyche of men work, this will give you in depth information into what makes men decide to take on life changing decisions and what keeps them awake at night. You will actually get to love you and be faithful to you.

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The Pros

  • Inspires women to be proactive in relationships.
  • The information in this program is simple to read and understand.
  • Women come to realize that they have more power in relationships than they know.
  • It is a good book to women who are looking to have more meaningful relationships.

The Cons

  • This book is not for those who are trying to get their exes back.
  • You will need to have some patience as it takes some time to show positive results.
  • Even though it is written by a man, this book is not suitable for men, it works well on women.


The Women Men Adore. And never want to leave is a fantastic guide for women as it gives them an understanding into men’s stance on relationships. Women have given glowing review on this program on how impactful the program has been in their love lives.

This book is from a man who has more than a decade of relationship counseling and he is also in a successful marriage. This indeed makes the information very credible.

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