The Bonding Stages By Bob Grant Review – Does It Work?

The Bonding Stages is a relationship program developed by relationship guru – Bob Grant. He provides every woman with the most unquestionable strategies to get great love, commitment, passion and attention from a man. It provides a guided approach to prompt a man or your man to eventually commit fully and whole heartedly to you. In issues relating to love, women can become very venerable, if this is not properly checked, it can lead a woman to enter into pretty dark stages in her life. Surprisingly, real support, love and communication may not always work well for women with broken hearts.

Men on the other hand do not naturally commit in the early stages. The bonding code program is here with the purpose to make the bond between partners to grow stronger and deeper. The program can also direct and teaches women on how to unearth a man’s inner most desire which will later transform into love, intimacy and great commitment.

What is Bonding Code?The Bonding Stages By Bob Grant

The Bonding Code is a 5 – step program created to help women to build long term committed relationship with their partners. This program was created by Bob Grant. He has come to the realization that because of today’s trendy hook up and affair on social media, people are less likely to commit and be in relationships. Bob has however, created five bonding code phrases that will reassure you his love for you.

Phrase 1: Interest      

This is arguably the easiest of bonding code phrases. A man certainly loves what he sees. Keep him very interested in you by ensuring he very much loves what he sees. The trick here is to wear eye pleasing clothing, wear nice make up, and smell amazingly good, you will be pleasantly surprised on how he can not possibly get his eyes off you. You want to know how successful this first phrase is? It will show in how he behaves towards you, how he looks at you when speaking and what he says to his friends about you. All these mean that you have caught his attention.

Phase 2: Emotional Arousal

Once you are successful with phase one, you will be led to emotional arousal. You have basically stirred his feelings and he will long and thirst for you. He will be essentially desiring more of you and will constantly be making every reason to see and talk to you. At this phase you need to be careful. Know that it is just a natural phase that will not last forever. There has to be a next phase.

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Phase 3: Period of disillusionment

This is probably the most important phases. Disillusionment is part of the whole package; you will have to be just cautious because this is where others start targeting the man. He will probably not know he is in this phase. He might probably not be super sure about this whole “thing” he has developing with you. In this time and age of immediate gratification and the influence of social media, he might get addicted to sites with sexual themes and offerings.

A man is probably in this stage of his life when;

  • He does not want to disclose all of the details from the past.
  • He basically stops going out with you as often as he did in the past.
  • He stops texting you as much as he did in the past.

When you ask him what is wrong, he will tell you nothing, but you can feel there is something pulling him away. Not that he does not know something is wrong, but he can’t explain it. He panics as the initial intensity of attraction to you fades, and he begins to fall to the temptations of visiting places in the Internet that entice him to betray his true love. As I told you earlier, do not panic too though it is very easy to do so. Know how to handle this phase. Do not let him continue doubting whether he really loves you.

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Phase 4: The testing phase

This is a very delicate phase; you might notice that your man gets upset over petty issues. He might probably have excuses for not making time for you and might try to express doubt about the relationship. Tread carefully, be understanding and be hopeful so that you don’t lose him over silly things. Be the smart lady who accommodates him and tries to make him comfortable.

Phase 5: The bonding phase

This is the most important part of the bonding code phrases. The man has passed the test and excelled. You are the first and last thought on his mind everyday. He will always love to hold your hands in public and easily talk about you to his friends. He looks you deeply into the eye and you can see the vast calmness behind his. He has already decided you are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

With the clear outline of the bonding code phases you can tell where you are. It will guide you to be prepared for the next phase until you reach the last phase.


  • The author has great credibility.
  • The program boasts of holistic approach to relationship building.
  • A 100% refund guarantee.


  • Exclusive digital product.
  • One has to be patient to see results.


In conclusion, if you are searching for a comprehensive relationship building program which will assist you build a deeper and stronger relationship with your man, then The Bonding Code may be a great choice for you. Again, the 8 weeks money back guarantee actually makes The Bonding Code program 100% risk-free and allows you to try everything Bob Grant shares inside with full confidence.

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