Mend The Marriage by Brad Browning

Mend The Marriage is an ebook designed to help married couples save their marriage. This course is designed by Brad Browning – a divorce expert and relationship coach.

Marriage is not all smooth sailing all the time, there are rough patches, there are good days too. This online course can help you get better, and it can help you save your marriage if you adhere to its simple rules. The author claims that it is simple to “mend the marriage’ with simple methods, he goes on to teach couples on how to restructure the connection with your spouse.

In almost all relationship, the unexpected happens sometimes. Some couples will have issues of infidelity, commitment levels reducing. There are some couples who get to a certain stage in their lives and feel like they want to have a lot of fun, they end their marriages which they feel is coming in between the adventure they are seeking. There are some who, however want to save their marriages at all cost and will go all length to do that. This book is a complete guide designed for couples are have the commitment to save their marriage.

What is Mend The Marriage?

This is a comprehensive and exhaustive course that guides and offers methods and procedures for couples who desire happiness and stability. The program is very practical and considers very reasonable steps and procedures which are easily understandable.

It contains audio and video materials, and and eBook. This course wholly covers all courses that help couples to rededicate and unify when there is the inkling to drift apart. It also deals with strategies that can help you save your marriage and put everything on the right expected track.

The eBook supports spouse are being domestically abused, who are suffering from everyday conflicts in the home. It basically gives you real guidance to married couples to live in very healthy relationships. This goes a long way to help the children in their development.

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Who Is the Author Of The Mend The Marriage?

Brad Browning is the author of the popular eBook – “Mend The Marriage”. He is a famous relationship coach and also an expert in divorce related issues. He has indeed built a wealth of experience over the past decade and helped couples triumph over their issues. His eBook has helped struggling couples to recommit and rebuild their relationships.

What Is Included In Mend The Marriage?

This eBook contains easy-to-understand audio training tools and very relatable content that can help bring back the fire in the marriage. It can also help you resolve conflicts in the marriage and build a strong relationship with your partner. In essence, the techniques help one to understand the partner better and leads to better relationship by reducing marital problems.

Mend The Marriage: an online course categorized into three parts. The author brings out three everyday mistakes in every marriage and advises how to handle them. This author has designed a system dubbed ABCD which means Accept, Build, Commit and Dedicate. What this means is that couples should be able to accept any kind of situation, able to build resilience, have to the            commitment to change and ultimately dedicate yourself to make the relationship work.

This program was created with the sole purpose to save struggling marriages and this eBook is just not for women but for men too. The target group is married couples who are suffering from severe issues in their marital life. The program gives you three simple strategies to reignite the passion back into the marriage and help couples solve all problems destabilizing the marriage.

It is the sole aim of the author the book to help married couples understand the importance of marriage and help them get back to normal life even if they have issues in their marriage. This eBook also helps prevent divorce and easily help save marriages. Brad Browning offers various tricks and tips and provide bonus worksheets, video series to save one’s marriage.

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Pros and Cons Of Mend The Marriage.


  • The eBook is very simple, easy to read and understand and offer helpful guides that address various marital problems.
  • The program is wholly authentic and offers best possible solution to save one’s marriage.
  • The information about audio and video files is provided in very simple language and users can understand them easily.


  • The program or course is only accessible online
  • It takes time to see results so one has to be patient.


Mend the Marriage is one of the best courses designed to help couples save their marriages. It emphasizes the fact that successful marriages build strong family units. he online course is an uncomplicated material that gives important points in avoiding technical terminology, saving marriages, and vital psychological concepts. It focuses more on examples, illustrations, and tips that can help the couple save their marriage.

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