The Lost Ways By Claude Davis Review – Does It Work?

What are the immediate survival options available to you when there is an over night emergency? How would you make it to the next day if you found out basic amenities like satellite TV, internet, electricity, mobile phone and everyday gadgets are not readily available?

It is important to appreciate that as you go about your everyday routines, technology and all that it offers have some limitations at certain times and moments. In fact, when it comes to live threatening events, technology can’t always help.

It is super imperative to understand and learn hands on information and guidelines to master the science and art of surviving without today’s technological gadgets. The whole purpose is to equip readers with very cost effective means to secure the future of your family in life threatening situations. The book, The Lost Ways By Claude Davies sheds more light on it.

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What is the Lost Ways?

What is the Lost Ways?

This is an exhaustive comprehensive eBook written by Cluade Davis. He outlines strategies, skill sets and techniques to use to help people brace and live up to unforeseen circumstances. These include economic down turns, natural disasters, etc. The solution sets and examples are tailored to suit peculiar situations bearing in mind that these solutions sets and techniques come without the use of modern technology and are also tried and tested.

The author postulates that the world has become overly dependent on technology (gadgets) in her every day work. This therefore kills initiative, individual thinking and assertiveness.

The author has therefore tabled down an exhaustive list of strategies to unearth innate, dormant-lying survival tactics and be ready for life and its entirety.

About Claude Davis – The Author

This man is seasoned author and a survival expert with experience spanning more than 30 years. He understands and appreciates what it takes to teach people on how to plan, protect and react when disaster and the unexpected strikes. The author also doubles as the lead person of the prestigious and most popular survival website. Adventurist people love this website.

Over the years, Davis has come to the realization that most people are just detached from nature because of the way they live their lives and it usually as a result of work.

His aim is to teach people through his tried and tested guidelines and techniques on to live to your full potential and connect in special ways with our ancestors. He further goes to to educate people on how to awaken their survival skills.

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How Does the Lost Ways Work?

This is arguably one of the best, very exhaustive and easy to read and study program. The underlying principle in this book it to help readers read, understand and prepare you for all kinds of life issues, like economic downturn, natural disasters, wars and famine. This program also goes further to help people go back into time and teach them how to adopt and apply the subsistence lifestyles of our forebears.

We all bear witness to the fact there is great deal of change in the way humans live and cater for themselves in the past 100 years. In the past, our forebears were hands on, they handle their everyday work by themselves, which is very different from how modern day men work.

Modern man has basically lived a life dependent on gadgets and connectivity all because of the advancement of technology which in itself is not a bad thing because the use of smartphones, internet has made life simpler now. However, the disadvantage is that humans will rather not rely on their brains and God given abilities for simple tasks in recent times.

It is the aim of this author to change the the thought process of modern man and bring him to a point where he behaves and thinks like modern man. So the whole idea is to make modern man very self sufficient, reliable and feel in touch with nature by educating us on time tested, secret survival strategies and DIY skills.

To add the above, Davis has put together a very well organized and comprehensive book that has immerse benefit to the reading public. He talks about very basic things and goes on builds on to explain complex stuff. To say it in another way, you will develop natural resistance to the ever-growing threat of the impending doom of natural and man-made disasters. With the aid of this guide, you will have the power to save your family, and even rebuild your community during worst times. In this program, you will learn the ancient tricks used by your grandparents and great-grandparents and some basic survival skills to combat unpredictable events, both indoors and outdoors.

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What You Will Find Inside The Lost Ways System?

  • Water Storage Tips: The author offer very priceless tips on how our forefathers were so efficient when it came to collecting and storing water. Basically you are being educated on how to survive in very difficult times.
  • Poultices recipes: The guide features effective tips to prepare poultices using ancient ingredients that are easy to avail and were used by ancestors for the same purpose.
  • Housing Tips: With this tip, the author presents to readers the idea of constructing underground, weather – proof houses which can contain a maximum of four families. Our ancestors relied on these kind of houses.
  • Food Recipes: n this book, you will find an exhaustive collection of nutritious, yet easy-to-make food recipes that were initially used by Native American scouts without using the expensive modern equipment available today. Such recipes will save you the hassle of availing pricey cooking material.
  • There is also the concept of saving yourself even when you run our bullets. This is primarily important if you are going our alone in unfamiliar circumstances.

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What Can You Learn From The Lost Ways?

  • This book is a comprehensive and complete guide filled with thought provoking chapters with discusses mundane topics to very complicated ideas. It is also filled with very simple but yet clever survival strategies and techniques for survival. For instance, you will learn an ancient method to prepare delicious bread crusts, just like our forefathers did when there was no energy for constructing a conventional smokehouse backyard
  • You will come to appreciate how native Americans built underground storm shelters, water proof room and underground power stations to protect the family in the event of a natural disaster.
  • You will also learn how to use these ideas to strategically pile up food and water all year round.
  • The most important lessons shared by Davis in the book are designed to help you ensure your kids stay health and well-fed even when drought or recession comes calling.

The Lost Ways Bonuses:

Bonus one – A step by step guide to building Your Own Can Rotation System.

Bonus two – What every Survivalist should grow in His Backyard.

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The Lost Ways Pros

  • This Ebook contains very important survival tips that helps readers prepare for unforeseen circumstances. The book contains easy to read and life savings techniques and tips which can be applied to our daily lives.
  • It is easy to read and understand and very relatable to apply to your life.
  • It is available in digital and hard prints.
  • The information is based on tried and tested, logical ideas. It is not a book that contains empty promises and false claims.

The Lost Ways Cons:

  • It requires readers to have patience to see results.


The Lost Ways By Claude Davies is an indispensable tool and strategy guide for individuals who are concerned about protecting their families and loved ones from natural disasters. It basically concerns itself with equipping readers with very rudimentary resources and also educating readers to master their intuition when the need comes to save your family.

Wondering if you should go ahead and buy the product or not? Please pause and consider it again and ask yourself what’s the farthest length you will go to keep your family save. Please make a bold move and go ahead and purchase it the very simple, affordable and yet effective scientific Ebook – The Lost Ways.

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